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EGG DONATION The Oocyte Donation Program is an innovative alternative for infertile couples that make it possible for infertile women, who for medical reasons do not have fertilizable eggs to carry and give birth to a child. The embryo is then transferred to the mother’s uterus. This allows the woman to carry the child and experience pregnancy, birth and breast feeding i.e the joy of motherhood.
At ACME FERTILITY we strictly adhere to the norms and work to excel in all aspects keeping patient’s safety and future implications on priority.

A. Who will benefit from Oocyte Donation :
1. Women with elevated FSH/LH level who are in premature ovarian failure.
2. Those with Chromosomal anomalies.
3. Surgical menopause.
4. Perimenopausal women with repeated IVF failures (own eggs)
5. Women with very low ovarian reserve

B. Who is a suitable donor :
Woman, who is healthy, preferably married and less than 35 years age, with proven fertility can become an oocyte donor.

C. Procedure :
The process begins by synchronizing the menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient. The donor then undergoes a cycle of ovarian stimulation with the aim of producing as many eggs as possible. The recipient takes medication (Tab oestradiol valerate + pure progesterone) for 1-2 cycles prior to IVF when the formation of the endometrial lining is studied.
1. When an adequate lining does form, the recipients are now ready to accept embryos.
2. The cycles of the donor and recipient are then synchronized.
3. The donor undergoes ovarian stimulation, using the GnRH Analog/FSH/HCG long protocol
4. Oocytes are recovered by transvaginal USG guided aspiration 36 hours after Inj. HCG
5. The recipient starts Inj. Gestone on the day after the donor receives HCG

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